Andrew Wharton

I sustained a spinal cord injury after a fall in 2000.  At this time I was a mechanical engineer but due to my injury I wasn’t able to return to this career. After several months of rehabilitation at the Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Unit – Pinderfields, I regained independence and returned to driving.  Following a short time of ‘less than ideal’ living circumstances, I eventually moved into a bungalow, normality returned and I lived my life.    Several years later I am now happily living with my wife and daughter in West Yorkshire.

Being unable to resume my career after my injury, I used the opportunity to do something new and returned to college.  I then volunteered in several roles, worked as a fitness instructor, coached and competed in several wheelchair sports; some of which gave an opportunity to travel around the world.

Living an active family life, alongside working for SIA, I understand the day to day difficulties of living with SCI and I am able to offer advice, guidance and a listening ear to all affected by SCI.  This can be in district general hospitals, during rehabilitation or at any point following discharge across Yorkshire, Humberside and Northern Lincolnshire.

How to access the Peer Support Service

Whether you’re recently injured and still in hospital, or are living back in the community and would welcome some additional support, our Peer Support Officer is here to help.  If you think you/your family would benefit from talking to someone who understands your situation then call  Andrew on 07946 280158 or email him at [email protected]

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