Our trusted legal partner in the North West: Slater + Gordon

“Slater and Gordon Lawyers have worked with SIA for many years on numerous initiatives and fundraising activities. We’re thrilled and extremely proud to continue with that partnership and support the incredibly important and fantastic work they do in the SCI community.”

Ione Macgregor, Partnerships Manager, Slater + Gordon




As one of our most committed supporters over the last two decades, we are absolutely delighted to be working with everyone at Slater + Gordon as our trusted partners in the North West.

Having been headline sponsors of both our Cornflower Ball and Rebuilding Lives Awards for a number of years, hosting various training sessions, and taking part in overseas cycle rides, marathons, skydives and much more: we know how passionate and caring their staff are, and how willing they are to support SIA, and every SCI person that we support.”

Gary Dawson, SIA Support Network Coordinator for the North

About our partners Slater + Gordon

SCI specialists

Slater and Gordon is one of the leading and most well-known consumer law firms in the UK. Although we’re a national law firm, we have expert lawyers based in local areas across England, Scotland and Wales. We’ve worked in partnership with the SIA for many years, given our common goal to provide newly spinal cord injured people with the expertise and support they need to move forward with their lives.

Over the decades, we’ve built a strong reputation for providing expert representation to those who’ve suffered spinal cord injuries as a result of incidents such as road traffic collisions, accidents at work and medical negligence.  We’ve won many awards over the years for our work in this area and are highly ranked in independent legal guides.

Our large North West team is known as a ‘centre of excellence’, with lawyers based throughout the North West and Wales, meaning one of our experts is always nearby to visit you at home or at hospital.

Why Choose us

We understand how life-changing a spinal cord injury can be and the impact it can have on yours and your family’s lives and will do everything possible, not just to ensure you receive the best possible outcome to your case, but also provide you with any additional support, rehabilitation and treatment needs.

We also have many other teams of consumer law experts, meaning we can provide an end-to-end legal service for all life’s legal needs.

Our spinal cord injury team work closely with our other specialist legal teams to ensure that all your requirements are met, and to relieve you of the burden of dealing with such legal issues, enabling you to focus on your health, well-being and recovery.


To find out more about how our Trusted Partners Slater + Gordon can support you or a loved one after suffering a catastrophic injury, visit their website .

Meet our team

The importance of choosing the right lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered an SCI as a result of an incident such as a road collision, accident at work or medical negligence, it’s understandable that the most important thing on your mind will be your health and well-being.

It’s important that you also consider engaging with a lawyer as they will not only seek private rehabilitation and treatment so you can begin your recovery as soon as possible, but will also seek interim payments to help relieve any financial burden as a result of lost wages.

Your lawyer needs to understand your immediate and future needs to ensure you get the absolute best result to your case and the necessary medical and financial support throughout your journey. It’s therefore extremely important that you choose a lawyer who specialises in spinal cord injuries.


Darren Hughes
Senior Associate, Personal Injury
Contact Darren: 0800 884 0101

Darren Hughes is an SCI specialist, part of a team of specialists at Slater and Gordon. He has a personal interest in representing clients who’ve suffered an SCI.


Becoming a personal injury lawyer was my natural progression as I have an SCI myself. I had a  diving accident in 1991 in which I broke my neck.

This means when I go to see a newly injured client, I’ve got a full understanding of what they’re going through and as I understand exactly what they’re going through, both physically and mentally, I don’t just visit them as their lawyer, but can also offer emotional and practical support and advice.

There are so many questions which need answering, from ‘when will I go home?’ and ‘how will this affect my relationship with my partner?’ to something as simple as ’will I be able to drive my car again?’.

In many cases, the answers are simple, but they just don’t know who to ask. By having somebody like me, who’s been through what they’re going through, I can go through everything as well as explaining what’s involved in rehabilitation. This can often help ease the pain of not knowing what the future holds and give them a bit more certainty.”

For help answering any questions you may have about a serious injury, call Darren, speak to your local Support Network Officer, or visit our page of frequently asked questions (and answers).

How we support our clients: Susan’s Story

Slater and Gordon has represented hundreds of people who’ve suffered an SCI. Susan is just one of them. This is her story.

“On the day of the accident, I had a bit of a headache, so I decided to go out for a jog to clear my head. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.

As I was jogging a tree fell, hitting  me on my head and pinning me to the ground. The impact travelled down my spine, dislocated my spine and broke my back. That day my life changed forever.

You go from a fit and healthy lifestyle to lying on a bed, not being able to do anything. It’s difficult to go home as nothing’s set up for you. I tried to use the kitchen but that was really difficult to access, and all the twisting, turning and stretching I had to do would aggravate my back injury.

I found I couldn’t go back to work and all of a sudden, the savings we had were being used to widen doors, to put a three-floor lift in, to get a wet room.

Our retirement pot was depleting because of the fact we needed to make changes in the home, just so I could come home and manage.

Slater and Gordon was the law firm I decide to choose. I felt that Darren, because of his experience and his background, would understand the changes that were going on in my life.

Slater and Gordon’s experts have a manner about them that makes you feel they’re on the journey with you.

They won the court case for me which meant my financial worries were gone. I also got the downstairs of my home adapted for me. If I ever need anything in the future like a new wheelchair, I don’t have to worry as I can afford to get the wheelchair I need.

It’s made a massive difference to me and will continue to. I can now manage.”


To speak to one of Slater and Gordon’s team of SCI experts, simply call 0800 880 7069 or visit our website.