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Please use this form only if you wish someone else to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf.

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I, being a full member of the Spinal Injuries Association, appoint the following person as my proxy to exercise all or any of my rights to attend, speak and vote on my behalf at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Spinal Injuries Association to be held by Zoom video conferencing on Friday 29th October 2021 and at any adjournments thereof.

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I direct my proxy to vote on the following as I have indicated by marking the appropriate box with an ‘X’. I f no indication i s given, my proxy will vote or abstain from voting at his or her discretion and I authorize my proxy to vote (or abstain from voting) as he or she thinks fit in relation to any ot her matter, which is properly put to the meeting.

Proposal:to approve the Annual Accounts for 2020/21 as presented
Special Resolution – to approve proposed amendments to SIAs Articles