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Each year SIA provides hundreds of spinal cord injured people with the hope, confidence and practical support they need to start their lives again after injury or diagnosis.

A monthly donation makes a huge difference. Katherine’s Mum, Marina, explains how SIA has helped Katherine to rebuild her life.

“It’s hard to put into words the overwhelming, unprecedented feeling when you’re told your daughter is paralysed from the neck down. That’s what we were told in the Greek hospital following Katherine’s accident – she’d been travelling in a taxi which crashed into a tree.

An SIA Peer Support Officer visited Katherine in hospital in London. We were still reeling in shock. But it made all the difference when we found out that we weren’t alone and that there was someone out there who understood what we were all going through.”

Your monthly donation will support many more people like Marina and Katherine:

  • £5 per month can help our SCI Nurse Specialists to train Healthcare Professionals to provide high quality care to spinal cord injured patients.
  • £10 per month can support our Advocacy team to help spinal cord injured people get the care and support they need and deserve
  • £15 per month can support our Peer Support Officers – all spinal cord injured themselves – to help other spinal cord injured people rebuild their lives after injury or diagnosis

Your monthly donation will ensure that our vital services can continue to be delivered to people like Katherine and her family.

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