A gift in your Will

‘Knowing SIA will always be there is priceless, it really is!’

No-one ever thinks spinal cord injury will happen to them. When it does, it is life changing. But life goes on and it can be a fulfilled life. And it is with enormous thanks to gifts in Wills, large and small, that SIA can keep delivering life-long support to SCI people, their families and friends.

Every year 1,000 people sustain spinal cord injury from illness, falls and accidents. We cannot stop this happening but a gift in your Will will help SIA to be always here to help.

Family and friends first

Making a Will is one of the most positive things you will ever do. You can be sure that your family and friends will be looked after in the way you intended.

A gift to SIA in your Will

If you decide to include SIA in your Will, your gift will help spinal cord injured people and their families live fulfilled lives after injury.


If you would like help to get started, we can help.

Just contact our Supporter Care Team on 01908 208541,

or email [email protected]

and we will send you our booklet.

Whether you are reviewing, updating or writing your Will for the first time, expert legal advice is advised to make sure you are providing the best for your loved ones through your Will.

Irwin Mitchell, a partner in our Will Writing scheme is on hand all year round to do just that. You can contact them on 03700 240550. Irwin Mitchell will make a donation to SIA for each Will written.

Or you can find a solicitor local to you by visiting the Law Society website.