Help as a Trust

We work with Trusts and Foundations to ensure that everyone touched by spinal cord injury receives the support they need to rebuild their lives.  Thanks to their generosity we have been able to support both the physical and emotional needs of the spinal cord injured community; by developing our support services and expanding our reach.

Here are just a few examples of how Trusts and Foundations work in partnership with us as we rebuild lives after spinal cord injury.

Network Rail contributed £10,000 towards our Vocational Support Service and has launched a Work Trial opportunity for spinal cord injured people. This will help to raise awareness of our service and help to encourage more spinal cord injured people to return to work. For the individuals involved, it will offer the chance to gain skills, confidence and experience in a working environment with a major UK employer.

The James Tudor Foundation and the Paul Bush Foundation Trust have generously contributed £17,000 and £5,000 respectively towards SIA’s Continuing Health Care (CHC) Advice Service. Launched in 2012, this service provides essential support for individuals receiving this very specific funding stream. For individuals who are eligible for such funding, but who are having it refused or withdrawn, our CHC Advice Service can be life-changing.

On a local level, the Cheshire Community Foundation generously issued a grant of £5,000 towards our Peer Support Service in the North West of England. Researchers at the Open University recently undertook an evaluation of SIA’s Peer Support Service, where one individual interviewed for the report said “the medical staff were fantastic but it was invaluable to speak to someone so positive who had actually experienced spinal cord injury”.

Last year SIA’s Advice Line dealt with 2,277 enquiries from people touched by spinal cord injury. The PF Charitable Trust is generously supporting our Advice Line service with a donation of  £6,000 over three years, with the the Anson Charitable Trust  kindly donating £1,000 towards this valuable work.

Without the support of such trusts, companies and individuals we would be unable to provide lifeline support to individuals and families in their time of need.

Ellie Walsh

If you are interested in supporting our work, please email Ellie Walsh or phone us on 01908 604191.

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