Help as a Trust

We work with Trusts and Foundations to ensure that everyone touched by spinal cord injury receives the support they need to rebuild their lives.  Thanks to their generosity we have been able to support both the physical and emotional needs of the spinal cord injured community; by developing our support services and expanding our reach.

Here are just a few examples of how Trusts and Foundations work in partnership with us as we rebuild lives after spinal cord injury.

The Alborada Trust, The James Tudor Foundation and The Sobell Foundation have contributed £25,000, £10,000 and £25,000 respectively towards our SCI Nurse Specialists Service. These grants will help us to continue establishing this relatively new service, ensuring individuals within general hospitals or other settings have access to information, advice and guidance on all aspects of their care. Feedback from the service has already shown that this support has a positive impact on the quality of care received and increases individual’s confidence on admission to a general hospital. One daughter of a spinal cord injured patient fed back “I feel more positive about the future and I know Carol (SIA Nurse Specialist) will help us if we need her. She is such a reassuring presence for both of us…Without Carol it would have been the dark ages for my mum.”

The Persula Foundation awarded £10,000 towards the work of our Public Affairs team and their ‘NHS Care Cuts Campaign’ for spinal cord injured (SCI) people who are not receiving the funding they need to live independent and fulfilled lives. We are campaigning hard represent the SCI community and effect positive change in NHS Continuing Healthcare and Social Care provision, seeking to influence Government and other stakeholders.

A large number of local and regional Trusts and Foundations continue to generously support the work of our regional Peer Support Officers working in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with spinal cord injured people, helping them to rebuild their lives after injury. Evaluation of service users last year found that 98% had a more positive outlook after meeting with SIA’s Peer Support Officer and 92% felt and 88% had higher self-esteem.

Our dedicated Peer Support Service for the Armed Forces was generously supported by ABF The Soldier’s Charity and The RAF Benevolent Fund who donated £21,000 and £6,000 towards the continuation of this unique service. The funding helps to ensure the continuation of our work supporting spinal cord injured servicemen and veterans with emotional support, practical advice and advocacy.

We are extremely grateful to these Trusts and Foundations, and the many others who support our work. Without them we would be unable to provide such a range of services helping individuals and families in their time of need.


If you are interested in supporting our work, please email  Jo Neale  or phone us on 01908 604191.





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