Payroll Giving

Sign up now for Payroll Giving and make your donation to spinal cord injured people go further – up to 45% further. It’s quick, easy and secure.

A monthly gift can make a difference all year round. With your generosity, our Peer Support Officers can help more people in the aftermath of injury or diagnosis, our telephone line and case work service can advise more people on issues such as getting the best care and benefits, and our campaigns team can continue to fight for spinal cord injured people’s rights.

It’s the most efficient way to give; when you make a regular donation direct from your salary, which is deducted before tax, we automatically receive the tax you would have paid on the donation. This means, for example, that a monthly donation of £10 is worth to us £18.18 if you are a higher rate tax payer and £12.50 if you are a basic rate tax payer – and it all adds up to making a real difference to spinal cord injured people.

And it’s easy to do: your payroll department sorts this out for us so there is less admin and no direct debit needed from you.

Just fill in this form and we will do the rest. You will need your payroll/employee number and your National insurance number to hand – both are on your payslip.

Make payday even better with the knowledge that you’re supporting spinal cord injured people.

Payroll donation4

* Please note the 40 percent higher rate tax band starts after earning £41,865 GROSS per year (including personal allowance of £10,000) and 45 percent super tax is applicable to those earning over £150,000 gross per year (this includes any and all personal allowances that might or might not be applicable).

Matched giving

Some employers offer to match your donations through their payroll giving schemes. Why not ask your employer if they will match your gift?

If your employer is not signed up to do payroll giving why not suggest this to them? You can find a full list of approved payroll giving agencies on