Finances and benefits

Financial support for you

Money worries carry a heavy burden after a life-changing spinal injury, but the help is out there for you and your family.

Here’s a predicament that most of us face after sustaining a spinal cord injury: you’re worried about your finances and you have no idea how you’re going to afford your new way of living.

While in hospital you’ll have all of the equipment and services available for maximum comfort, accessibility and security. 

But once you leave, you may need various items of equipment to support the transition. These can include things like a ramp for your front door, a wheelchair or even a stairlift in your home. 

From welfare benefits to housing benefits through to disabled facilities grants, you have access to a wide range of financial support which will help you overcome the obstacles that come with your spinal injury. We’ll highlight these below. 

Disabled facilities grant

This grant provides financial support for home adaptations, such as widening and installing doors, making heating and lighting controls more user-friendly, and improving room accessibility (e.g. installing a chair lift). 

To get more information about the disabled facilities grant, simply download our pdf below. In the document, you’ll discover:

  • Whether you’re eligible for the grant
  • How much you could be entitled to
  • How to apply and much more


Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 

PIP provides you with extra income to support your everyday life if you’ve got a disability. The grant involves two parts which you can apply for if you fall under either of these two categories:

  • Mobility: If you need help getting around or going out.
  • Daily living: If you need assistance with everyday tasks such as managing medication, communication, getting dressed, washing and making decisions. 

HOW TO apply for pip

Housing Benefit

The Housing Benefit scheme is available to those who are unemployed and on low incomes to pay their rent. If your spinal injury has impacted your ability to work and generate enough income to pay rent, then you may be entitled to apply for housing benefits. You can apply for housing benefits through your council. 

To understand everything about housing benefits simply download our comprehensive guide. In the document you’ll discover:

  • Whether you’re eligible
  • How to apply for housing benefits
  • How the benefits are paid
  • How to appeal an unsuccessful application and much more

download housing benefits guide

Financial advice and support

If you feel confused or overwhelmed by the amount of support and information available. you might want to speak to a specialist for help. Aspire’s Welfare Benefits Service is here to support you.