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Most people’s homes simply aren’t suitable for a wheelchair user. So it’s no surprise that many people who sustain a spinal cord injury cannot return to their own home.

All too often, they’ll find themselves discharged to somewhere totally unsuitable such as an un-adapted house or a care home. Such situations rob people of their independence at a time when they should be ready to rebuild their lives. Those who need to move home for work, a change of circumstances or any other reason can face an equally difficult time.

The Aspire accessible housing programme offers an alternative for people with spinal cord injury. It provides homes located around the UK for use on a short-term basis while a permanent housing solution is found.


Last year more than half of Aspire’s tenants owned their own home, but could no longer live in it after spinal cord injury

It might be that someone’s own property is being adapted, or that they’re waiting for their local authority to find them something suitable. Meanwhile, by staying in an Aspire house they can be back among their friends and family and are able to get on with their lives. Our staff can refer you to the Aspire housing team, or you can contact the team direct.

Aspire research shows that one in five local authorities will take over 17 years or more to house all the wheelchair users currently in need of accessible social housing. Last year, over half of Aspire’s tenants owned their own home but could no longer live in it.


Aspire welfare benefits advice service

It can sometimes seem like trying to navigate a maze when it comes to knowing which welfare benefits you’re entitled to, and how best to go about claiming them.

Aspire’s free, dedicated welfare benefits advice service is there to help, wherever you are in the UK. The service is tailored to provide the appropriate advice and support for people with spinal cord injury, to ensure you’re getting all of the help you’re entitled to.


Aspire’s benefits advice team supported almost 300 clients last year, helping them claim a total of £560,000 in benefits they were entitled to

Aspire can help with benefit checks, expert advice on all welfare benefit matters, support in completing forms and online applications and preparation of evidence and advocacy if you have to appeal. Our staff can refer you to the Aspire welfare benefits team, or you can contact the team direct.

Last year, the Aspire Welfare Benefits Team supported nearly 300 clients, helping them secure over £560,000 worth of benefits that they were entitled to.