We particularly need your help in these difficult times. No gift is too small to make a difference to our work.

If you are paralysed by a spinal cord injury, a common cold can cause pneumonia; a hospital visit can lead to ulcerated skin, or bowel and bladder infections; a carer with a suspected infection can mean isolation and potential health risks within days.

That is a normal month.

The exponentially increased risks of Coronavirus to the tens of thousands of spinal cord injured people across the UK has the potential to be devastating.

SIA’s staff and volunteers have turned around an immense response, redeploying its team of specialist nurses, expert peers (spinal cord injured people) and volunteers, and developed a 111-style service for 50,000 people across the UK who are now at real risk.

£25 could cover the cost of an SCI Nurse Specialist telephone consultation.  Our nurses continue to help SCI people prepare emergency care plans and to support them and their healthcare professionals with bowel and bladder management. Just one 30-minute conversation could save a life. Donate today.

£50 could pay towards peer support for SCI people facing early discharge from hospital. Families tell us they would have struggled to cope without the positive insight into life post-injury that their SIA Support Network Officer gave them. Donate today.

£75 could fund crucial advocacy work such ashelping people source PPE for carers and ensuring that SCI people remain a priority in acute medical settings where beds and ventilators are in unprecedented demand. Donate today.

With the NHS under huge pressure during the pandemic, this support is more important than ever.

Please help if you can.

“I’m not sure what we would have done without SIA. They offered expert advice and reassurance every step of the way and helped us secure mum’s Continuing Healthcare funding so that she can come home to us and stay as safe as possible.”