Enjoy living at home

There are few things that are more cherished than our home. It’s where we relax, spend time with our loved ones and often feel most comfortable.

But if you have a spinal cord injury, you may be worried about your property and asking ‘is it accessible enough to cater for my disability?’

While your new circumstances are different, with the right planning and support you can still enjoy living in a home that makes you feel comfortable, safe and happy. 

Removing barriers

You’ll likely need to remove a number of physical barriers to make daily necessities more available. The size of these adaptations can range from small to major and anywhere in between. 

But making these adjustments may not be affordable or practical. In this case, you may want to move to a home that already has these adaptations in place. Having the option to do so will depend heavily on your financial situation and if you receive compensation for your spinal injury.

Regardless of what category you fall under, there’s support available to ensure that you will live in a home that accommodates your disability. 

I’ve received compensation for my spinal injury 

If you’ve received compensation, you’re more likely to have the finances available to make your home wheelchair-friendly. On the other hand, the compensation can be used to move to a property that already has these adjustments. 

I haven’t received compensation for my spinal injury

If you don’t have anyone to claim compensation against, you may feel anxious, worried and stressed about whether you’ll be able to afford a property that’s fully accessible. In this case, there are several benefits and grants you can apply for to safeguard your situation. For more information on what funding you’re entitled to, visit our financial matters page. 

Funding for you

Aspire is a charity that gives people with spinal injuries the support they need to live a normal life. They’ll give you tailored housing advice based on your situation, and highlight all the sources of funding that you can apply for. 

Email the Aspire housing team.

visit the aspire website