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Hi I’m Gareth, your support coordinator.

I sustained my injury in September 2014 while cycling home from work. I don’t remember the accident apart from being in A&E and then in intensive care, where I was told I dislocated my spine at T3 and was now a paraplegic.

If you’ve recently become injured or you’re already living with a spinal cord injury, or are close to someone who is, you’re in the right place.

Book an appointment with me here and I can refer you to the most suitable services available locally and nationally. From counselling to rehabilitation and medical support, to legal advice and benefits expertise, the help is out there. I’m trained to offer support and advice for your circumstances. And I can offer my insight and experience into life with a spinal cord injury.

Just choose an available slot below and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Tel: 01908 732161

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Charity partners

Aspire housing and benefits

Aspire’s housing and welfare benefits services provides tailored support to help people with spinal cord injuries with accessible housing while permanent solutions can be found and advice on the types of benefits available you’re entitled to.

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The Neurokinex programme for spinal cord injury is one of the leading activity-based rehabilitation programmes in the UK

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Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research

Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research: funding cutting edge medical research for life after paralysis

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SCI centres

Spinal Treatment Centre - Salisbury

Everyone has the right to be referred to their local spinal cord injuries centre for an appointment with a spinal…

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Case management partners

SIA Case Management

When you find your trusted legal partner to support you with your catastrophic injury or clinical negligence claim, be assured…

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Care partners

Complete Care Amegreen

Why Choose us: Complete Care Amegreen will support and empower you to realise your health outcomes and goals, achieve your…

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Eximius Live-in Support

Why Choose us? Our aim is to provide exceptional live-in care and companionship for people who need help and support…

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Why Choose us? ‘Care Beyond Expectations’ We are a family-owned, care organisation, operating on a national level, that always strives…

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Premium Care Solutions

We’re recognised nationally for our expertise in planning and providing the very best complex care for adults and young persons…

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Financial partners

Adroit Financial Planning

Adroit’s independent financial planning experts offer a tailored service to suit all your needs. Not only can they ensure that any compensation award together with any entitlement to means-tested benefits are protected, but can also offer expert financial and investment advice to increase help provide long-term financial security.

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Evelyn Partners

We have a team of specialist financial planners, investment managers and technical specialists who are all dedicated to working with clients who have been affected by serious injury or clinical negligence. Our priority is making sure that you get the best outcome for your circumstances and we will work closely with you to achieve that throughout.

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Irwin Mitchell Financial Planning

Our financial planners have over 20 years’ experience supporting SCI people across the UK, and we’re here to give you and your family all-round financial planning advice – whatever stage you’re at post-injury. Get in touch to find out how we can support you, or to book a free financial health check with one of our experts today.

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Other partners

Breathe and Recover

Breathe and Recover is based on the Living Yoga Method ™ . We use the power of breathwork and yoga…

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Partners in Costs

We assist those affected by spinal injury to understand complex legal fee arrangements, by explaining the glossary of legal terminology in simple English. We’re legal costs specialists with over 21 years’ experience in advising on cases involving spinal injury.

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